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        Rilke: De aantekeningen van Malte Laurids Brigge
Rushdie: Shame
Bernlef: Hersenschimmen
Nooteboom: Rituelen
Vidal: Creation
Gombrowitz: De Pornografie
Chandler: The Big Sleep/The Lady in the Lake








Rilke - De aantekeningen van Malte Laurids Brigge
De aantekeningen van Malte Laurids Brigge (1910)
Rainer Maria Rilke (Praag 4/12/1875 - Val Mont, Montreux 29/12/1926)
Inleiding: Bentsion 17/1/1986

So, also hierher kommen die Leute, um zu leben, ich würde eher meinen, es stürbe sich hier.

Rushdie - Shame 44 Schaamte (Shame) (1983)
Salman Rushdie (Bombay 19/6/1947)
Inleiding: Gijsbert 7/3/1986

By now, if I had been writing a book of this nature, it would have done me no good to protest that I was writing universally, not only about Pakistan. The book would have been banned, dumped in the rubbish bin, burned. All that work for nothing! Realism can break a writer's heart.

Bernlef - Hersenschimmen 45
Hersenschimmen (1984)
J. Bernlef (St. Pancras 14/1/1937)
Inleiding: Henk 11/4/1986

Misschien komt het door de sneeuw dat ik me 's morgens al zo moe voel. Vera niet, zij houdt van sneeuw.

Nooteboom - Rituelen 46 Rituelen (1980)
Cees Nooteboom (Den Haag 31/7/1933)
Inleiding: Paul 12/6/1986

Op de dag dat Inni Wintrop zelfmoord pleegde stonden de aandelen Philips 149.60.

Vidal - Creation 47
Creation (1981)
Gore Vidal (West Point, New York 3/10/1925)
Inleiding: Kees 5/9/1986

I am blind. But I am not deaf. Because of the incompleteness of my misfortune, I was obliged yesterday to listen for nearly six hours to a self-styled historian whose account of what the Athenians like to call 'the Persian Wars' was nonsense of a sort that were I less old and more privileged, I would have risen in my seat at the Odeon and scandalized all Athens by answering him.

Gombrowitz - De Pornografie 48 De Pornografie (Pornografia) (1960)
Witold Gombrowicz (Maloszyci, Polen 4/8/1904 - Vence, Frankrijk 24/7/1969)
Inleiding: Herman 24/10/1986

Opowien wam inna prygode moja, jedra chyba z najbardziej fatalnych.

Chandler - The Lady in the LakeChandler - The Big Sleep 49b The Big Sleep (1939)
The Lady in the Lake (1943)
Raymond Chandler (Chicago 23/7/1888 - La Jolla, California 26/3/1959)
Inleiding: Gijsbert 19/12/1986

There's very little to tell. I'm thirty-three years old, went to college once and can still speak English if there's any demand for it. There isn't much in my trade.