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        Jong: Fanny
van Kooten: Veertig
Yourcenar: Hadrianus' Gedenkschriften
: Victory
: Het portret van Dorian Gray
: Les Fleurs du Mal
Byron: The Road to Oxiana
Naipaul: Among the Believers
Bruce Chatwin: In Patagonia
Hofstadter: Gödel, Escher and Bach








Jong - Fanny 15 Fanny (1980)
Erica Jong (New York 26/3/1942)
Inleiding: Bas 29/4/1982

For the Curse of the Male Sex is its constant Need of Homage - Homage to its Intellect and Wit, Homage to its Gallantry and petty Prowess betwixt the Bed-Clothes; whilst the Female Sex, said to be so vain, is vain only of mere superficial Beauty.

Van Kooten - veertig
16 Veertig (1982)
Kees van Kooten (Den Haag 10/8/1941)
Inleiding: Paul 29/4/1982

Hier begint het. Ik kan kiezen tussen: 'Zijn vrouw had hem' en 'Mijn vrouw heeft mij'. Onderweg heb ik besloten dat het 'Mijn vrouw heeft mij' moet zijn.

Yourcenar - Hadrianus 17 Hadrianus' Gedenkschriften (Mémoires d'Hadrien) (1951)
Marguerite Yourcenar (Brussel 8/6/1903 - Mount-Desert Island 17/12/1987)
Inleiding: Herman 25/6/1982

Rien n'est plus lent que la véritable naissance d'un homme

Conrad - Victory
18 Victory (1915)
Joseph Conrad (Berdichev, Rusland [nu: Oekraine] 3/12/1857 - Bishopsbourne, England 3/8/1924)
Inleiding: Gijsbert 30/9/1982

THERE is, as every schoolboy knows in this scientific age, a very close chemical relation between coal and diamonds. It is the reason, I believe, why some people allude to coal as "black diamonds." Both these commodities represent wealth, but coal is a much less portable form of property.

Wilde - Dorian Gray
Het portret van Dorian Gray (1890)
Oscar Wilde (Dublin 16/10/1854 - Parijs 30/11/1900)
Inleiding: Paul 4/11/1982

The artist is the creator of beautiful things. To reveal art and conceal the artist is art's aim. The critic is he who can translate into another manner or a new material his impression of beautiful things.

Beadelaire - Fleurs du mal
Gedichten (Les Fleurs du Mal) (1857)
Charles Baudelaire (Parijs 9/4/1821 - 31/8/1867)
Inleiding: Herman 23/12/1982

La sottise, l'erreur, le péché, la lésine,
Occupent nos esprits et travaillent nos corps,
Et nous alimentons nos aimables remords,
Comme les mendiants nourrissent leur vermine.

Robert Byron - The Road to Oxiana 21 The Road to Oxiana (1937)
Robert Byron (Wiltshire, Engeland 1905 - Noordzee, Cape Wrath. Schotland 1941)
Inleiding: Kees

Here [the tourist] is still an aberration. If you can come from London to Syria on business, you must be rich. If you can come so far without business, you must be very rich. No one cares if you like the place, or hate it, or why. You are simply a tourist, as a skunk is a skunk, a parasitic variation of the human species, which exists to be tapped like a milch cow or a gum tree.

Vidiadhar Naipaul - Among the Believers 2001

22 Among the Believers (1981)
Vidiadhar Naipaul (Chaguanas, Trinidad 17/8/1932)
Inleiding: Kees

Islam is the most uncompromising kind of imperialism because it seeks as an article of the faith to erase the past.

Bruce Chatwin - In Patagonia 23 In Patagonia (1977)
Bruce Chatwin (Sheffield 13/5/1940 - Nice 18/1/1989)
Inleiding: Gijsbert

Patagonia! She is a hard mistress. She casts her spell. An enchantress! She folds her arms and never lets go.

Douglas Hofstadter - Gšdel, Escher and Bach 24 Gödel, Escher, Bach (1979)
Douglas Hofstadter (New York 15/2/1945)
Inleiding: Paul

Het idee voor dit boek speelde al zo'n twintig jaar door mijn hoofd - vanaf het moment dat ik op mijn dertiende nadacht over hoe ik in het Engels en het Frans dacht